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ABOUT COSMETIC VALLEY - "Beating heart of the global cosmetics industry"

COSMETIC VALLEY is the leading global perfumery-cosmetics network and coordinator of the French sector. The association brings together all the know-how of the profession, from plant cultivation to finished products. Its mission: to promote the French brand through innovation, export, business, employment and training, strengthen the visibility and attractiveness of research laboratories, companies and regions and share the challenges and opportunities of the sector to serve its economic development.

COSMETIC VALLEY is a competitiveness hub at the cutting edge of innovation, sponsoring public and private research and development partnerships within the perfumery-cosmetics sector. This jewel in the French economy defends the voice of a fabric of more than 6,300 companies of all sizes (85% VSE/SME/SMB and all the world leaders), accounting for nearly 226,000 jobs for €71 billion estimated turnover and more than a thousand patents lodged per year. It is the world's largest exporter of perfumes and cosmetics, with €21 billion of exports in 2023.

COSMETIC VALLEY's signature, ‘FRANCE CARES FOR YOUR SKIN’, seals the values of a sector that embodies emotion, intimacy and universality, with strong ambitions for scientific progress and for the sector's environmental responsibility. Cosmetics, an industry with a long history and a bright future.

Chartres Métropole, capital of Cosmetic Valley

Chartres Métropole is a skills’ territory in the sector of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for more than 30 years.

Thanks to the dynamism of the Chartres’ agglomeration, major international groups have chosen to develop their activities, contributing to the reputation of the city in the whole world.


Within those activities, a lot of subcontracting activities have been developed (packaging, logistics, maintenance of production & packaging lines, design of special machines) and the presence of perfectly trained workers in the requirements of this sector, thus guaranteeing to these companies a major pool of skills adapted to the needs of their development.

As a testimony of the Perfumes-Cosmetics sector’s dynamism in the Chartres’ agglomeration, Chartres welcomes the headquarters of Cosmetic Valley, “sciences of beauty and well-being” competitiveness’ cluster.

Chartres Métropole federates all the economic and institutional actors who can help a project to set up and develop a business, through the “Maison des Entreprises et de l’Emploi” and people from the Department of Economic Development. Thus, each project benefits from personalized support.