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2023 Conferences’ Program

Wednesday 8 of November 2023

Anne LAISSUS-LECLERC, Scientific Director, LVMH Recherche
Françoise AUDEBERT, Director, Audebert Consulting

9 AM

Didier GARNIER, Vice-President Economic Development and Promotion, Chartres métropole
Christian COMBEAU, Vice-President, COSMETIC VALLEY

9:30 AM

Cosmetics weather: regulatory storms warnings?
Isabelle ORQUEVAUX HARY, Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs for France, L'Oréal
Bénédicte ROUX, Director Regulatory Affairs Department, Pierre Fabre Dermo Cosmétique

11 AM

Environmental impacts, environmental claims: French and European frames
Xavier GUEANT, Legal Director, FEBEA
Stéphanie LUMBERS, Sustainable Development Director, FEBEA

11:40 AM

Dematerialization of product information: today and tomorrow?
Patricia HOUY, Regulatory Affairs Director Beauty, Chanel, Chair MDI, Mandatory & Digital Information ET, Cosmetics Europe

12:40 PM

Lunch Time

2:15 PM

European regulations: work in progress, news
Hans INGELS, Head of Unit Bioeconomy, Chemicals & Cosmetics, European Commission

2:45 PM

European regulatory news & impacts on the Cosmetics sector
Gerald RENNER, Director Technical Regulatory Affairs, Cosmetics Europe

4:30 PM

Endocrine Disruptors : updates
Christophe ROUSSELLE, Toxicologist , Member of SCCS

5:15 PM

New French cosmetics Authorities’ organisation
, Head of office 5B - Health products and services and personal services, DGCCRF

5:30 PM

Review of DGCCRF campaigns: News, Allegations, etc.
Flore PLUVINAGE et Lucie VIGNELONGUE, Inspectors for cosmetic products, DGCCRF

6:30 PM

End of the first day of the Congress

7 PM

Chartres Cocktail Reception

Thursday 9 of November 2023

François VIOT, President & Christine LAFFORGUE, Past-President, Société Française de Cosmétologie

9 AM

Cosmetics in the Green Spotlight: Navigating the Future Impact of EU Environmental Legislations
Giulia COSENZA, Account Director, EPPA

9:30 AM

Recycled packaging: what information is needed for the safety assessor
Martin FOE, Director Regulatory Affairs Department, Carbios
Anne-Sophie MORICEAU, Product Safety Manager – Materials, Intertek

11 AM

Allergens: operational implementation; Essential oils, MOCS: points to date
Catherine GADRAS, Managing Director, Product Safety, Regulatory Affairs, Robertet

11:30 AM

Microplastics: Regulatory developments, Implementation and practical cases in Cosmetics Formulation
Patrick OMARJEE, Physico-Chemistry Manager, Development Department, LVMH Recherche P&C

12:30 PM

Lunch Time

2 PM

Operational implementation of Chinese regulations
Cécile SUBRA, Leader GT Chine, Aspa-Ingrecos & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Gattefosse
Céline TINET, Regulatory Affairs Director, Laboratoires SVR

2:30 PM

USA: up-to-date news on MOCRA
Béatrice MÜHL, Senior Regulatory Advisor, Registrar Corp

2:50 PM

Regulations outside the EU: review of the year and future prospects
Anne-Marie BRETON and Linh DE BEAUCORPS, International Regulations Project Managers, FEBEA

4:20 PM

Regulatory news in practice (France / EU) - FEBEA’s Q&A
Ask your question before the 2nd day lunch
The FEBEA’s Departements Scientific & Regulatory; Legal; Sustainable development will answer

5:30 PM

End of the Congress